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What is End-of-life?

Unsustainable products with a dirty end-of life have become a major environmental, health and social concern. Not only have these disposables caused massive damage to our environment and oceans, but they are also incredibly unsustainable too. At Nü, we believe in a structured approach to regulating the materials used in single-use products and a healthy balance between functionality and impact on the environment, creating products that will perform their purpose whilst making as little impact as possible on the environment by the end of the products life.

A product with a dirty end-of-life will leave harmful and toxic pollutants in the environment once it starts to breakdown. Many ‘oxo-degradables’ have been produced to try to combat this issue however once they have broken down, they leave tiny micro-plastics in the environment which still makes a significant impact on our eco-system. Our environment has suffered at the hands of our dirty disposables for far too long. We believe its time to buy eco-friendly and #Bthechange.

Image by Antoine GIRET

Why say 'No' to plastics?

The plastic that we throw away takes hundreds of years to breakdown and releases toxic chemicals that become carcinogenic when reacting with water. That is why Nu products use alternatives wherever possible. We believe in a sustainable future without the over-use of plastics. To add to the sustainability of our products, we use bamboo instead of wood-pulp, a far more sustainable source of timber.

Environment Pollution



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