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A 100% bamboo pulp based nappy that is biodegradable and highly compostable.



Nü designs and manufactures products for the conscious consumer. Nü products incorporate both sustainability and functionality to provide a product that not only meets and exceeds expectations, but also eases the conscience of those wondering how long their disposables will occupy landfill. 


What Is An Eco-Nappy?

We believe an eco-nappy should be free from chlorine, perfume, latex, and should be low on plastic and use little to no wood. Our Nü eco-nappies are made from 100% bamboo pulp, making them the sustainable and eco-friendly choice over wood-based alternatives. Our Nü eco nappies are biodegradable, tree and chlorine free, stretching to include our packaging which is fully biodegradable as well. Our Nü eco-nappies are the conscious choice for those looking to reduce the negative impacts of their dirty disposables on the environment.


Why Use Bamboo in Nü Eco-Nappies?

Bamboo fibres have anti-bacterial properties, creating a natural cooling effect on your baby’s skin. Bamboo-pulp is also especially absorbent, quickly taking in any moisture away from your baby’s skin whilst reducing the risk of nappy-rash and skin irritation. Bamboo is also incredibly sustainable, growing up to a metre a day with hardly any water required and producing 35% more oxygen than trees. It is because of this that we believe Nü eco-nappies to be the best choice for those looking to buy consciously and reduce their impact on the environment.


Why Buy Nü-Eco Nappies and BTheChange?

In the UK we produce 550,000 tonnes of waste a day and around 3 billion used nappies end up in landfill each year. Conventional nappies can take up to 500 years to break down in landfill, but Nü eco-nappies break down in less than 5. Conventional nappies use wood-pulp obtained from trees, which many argue is unsustainable with some scientists predicting that we will be out of trees in just over 300 years. Instead, we use bamboo-pulp, a far more sustainable alternative, yielding far more timber than trees. Bamboo is also super-absorbent, leading to a decreased risk of skin irritation for your baby. Nu eco-nappies provide a high-quality and ethical choice for the conscious consumer, so #bthechange and buy our nappies.

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