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NËSS provides carbon reduction using GEX

NËSS uses GEX as a filler additive, GEX is derived from the bio-calcium within eggshells, processed into ultra-fine powder and then pelletized. 

GEX is supplied as pellets the same way virgin plastic is supplied, NËSS mission in 2013 was to find a solution for reducing or replacing plastics, one which performs well across all industry sectors, requiring no addition or change to existing manufacturing machines or processes.


Now in 2023 NËSS is proud to announce that GEX is mission accomplished. 

 GEX is accepted as the best solution, the most versatile, and the easiest to incorporate within existing packaging materials, used in cosmetic, pharmaceutical, industrial packaging, household items, consumer goods, food containers, drinks bottles, film rolls, shopping bags, and many more. A substantial reduction of 30-50% in plastic content can be easily achieved.

GEX has many certificates, from TUV, SGS, ensuring compliance with waste reduction, plastic reduction, and carbon reduction standards. Additionally, GEX holds certifications from the EU RoHS and REACH programs, further underscoring its commitment to environmental stewardship. GEX is also certified as anti-bacterial.

By working with NESS carbon reduction commitment, we ensure that all brands and businesses meet their forthcoming plastic reduction mandates. 



NËSS takes agricultural waste, and through a patented process, creates a patented material that can easily and safely replaces up to 50% of plastic content in a great assortment of plastic products.

  1. Can reduce plastic content 30-50%

  2. Extremely compatible with PP, PE, HDPE, PET, EVA, PS, ABS, RUBBER, PVC, PLA

  3. Applications include packaging, household items, consumer goods, containers, film rolls, bags, and more

  4. Certified anti-bacterial and high FIR emissivity rate

  5. Certified by SGS, EU RoHS, and REACH to be eco-friendly in terms of plastic reduction and carbon reduction

  6. No need to change production facilities and machines

  7. Automated production; scaleable and ample supply


Business sectors already embracing GEX

Film Packaging

Injection Molding

Sheet Calendering

Blow Molding

Customised Application

EVA Forming

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